In Remembrance: Dr. Kenneth Cohn, MD, a Truly Collaborative Physician

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I received sad news that Ken had entered palliative care recently and on 6/24/2015, passed away due to lung cancer.  Dr. Kenneth Cohn, MD, MBA was a pioneer in collaborative healthcare consulting and ‘walked the talk’ when it came to living it.

For me, as a nurse it initially felt intimidating and unfamiliar to work as a peer with a doctor.  I grew to trust that he respected me and my opinion and had some wonderful lessons in growing my assertiveness.  And I will continue to learn and grow from his message:

ken cohnWe are living in a theme of respect, dignity and love as we approach each day with an open mind and heart. –Kenneth Cohn, MD, MBA & Linda O’Brien, Office Manager

His work will live on in his  articles and books about collaboration (links below) and a more recent mystery, “Dead at His Desk“!

And this blogpost:  How did Surgeon Ken Cohn Become a Leader in Collaborative Healthcare?

He was the first physicians who read my first book, Confident Voices:  The Nurses’ Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces and without being asked reviewed it on Amazon and contacted me to tell me!  Talk about doctors supporting nurses!

We did some writing together, a webinar on using med improv, and I will always feel intensely grateful that he took the time to come to my pilot workshop on Improv for Healthcare professionals in a Barn in Cape Neddick, ME in May of 2012.  He was the only physician there!  He also responded right away when asked for a testimonial!

Thank you, Ken.  Thank you Dr. Cohn.  For all you’ve done in building healthy workplaces, respectful physician-nurse relationships, and safer more cost-effective healthcare systems.  I hope readers will read and share your work.

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