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By Beth Boynton:

Medical Improv is relevant to Outcomes You Seek!

Shifting to Collaborative Behaviors with Help from Medical Improv

What Would a Medical Improv Pilot Project Look Like in a Hospital?

A Powerful Teaching Moment for 1 Doctor and 2 Nurses

Looking at Patient Safety Through a New Lens

What I learned @ my own assertiveness in a silly improv game:  Death in One Minute

Improv, Intuition, & Dementia: A Miracle Moment form the Frontlines of Nursing Care w/ Alzheimer’s Patients

Another Miracle Moment on the Alzheimer’s Unit & Two Awesome Licensed Nurse Assistants

Spice Up Your Healthcare Conference with a Medical Improv Workshop

By Colleagues:

Improv to Improve Interprofessional Communication, Team Building, Patient Safety, and Patient Satisfaction, Candace Campbell, RN, PhD

Medical Improv Shifts Healthcare to Sustain a Culture of Wellness, by Stephanie Frederick, RN, MEd.

Quality & Safety Intersection: Medical Improv & Health Care! Stephanie Frederick, RN, M.Ed.

Boost Communication with Medical Improv, by Julia Quinn-Szcesuil

How Does Improv Help Clinicians to Think on Their Feet? by Jude Treder-Wolff

How Does Improv Integrate Cognition, Emotion, and Action? by Jude Treder-Wolff

Connecting the Creative with the Clinical through Medical Improv, by Jude Treder-Wolff

Perspective: Serious Play: Teaching Medical Skills With Improvisational Theater Techniques,  Professor Katie Watson, JD

Improvisational Exercises to Improve Pharmacy Students’ Professionals Communication Skills,  Kevin P. Boesen, PharmD, Richard N. Herrier, PharmD, David A. Apgar, PharmD and Rebekah M. Jackowski

UK Physicians Practice Listening, Attending, Accepting, Responding with Awareness, and Collaborative Team Leadership via Improv Session!,  by Jon Trevor.

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