Insights about Addiction that Could Heal Our Human Condition

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British journalist Johann Hari has written for the New York Times, Le Monde, the Guardian, the New Republic, the Nation, Slate, and the Sydney Morning Herald. He was a columnist for the British newspaper the Independent for nine years and has received many prestigious journalist awards! He spent three years researching the war on drugs anTed talk addiction Johann Harid questioning the ways in which we treat addiction. His 15 min TED Talk, “Everything you know about addiction is wrong!” is brilliant.

Listen if/when you can and let me know what you think.  In addition to some enlightening research and hopeful results of Portugal’s unique approach to legalizing drugs, I think he’s shedding light on a profound way of thinking that could help decrease violence and improve the foundation of our very existence.

And because he is talking about ‘connection’ there are many ramifications for us in healthcare.  For those that specialize in addiction as well as broader application for all therapeutic and inter-professional relationships!

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It's connection! --Johann Hari Click To Tweet

This too, is ‘Systems Thinking’! 🙂  Also see how relationships are integral to complexity science in posts about:



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2 Responses to Insights about Addiction that Could Heal Our Human Condition

  1. Beth_Boynton_RN_MS says:

    I’m glad you liked it, Elizabeth and thank you for your feedback and sharing. WE can and ARE creating new ways of being and I find it very exciting even if daunting! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Scala says:

    Wow, I am totally grateful that you have shared this with us, Beth. I have believed and thought this for some time now- however was afraid to say anything about this as the ‘normal’ way to think of addiction is the way the historic perspective wants us to. Ahhh, what a breath of fresh air. Thank you. I loved this video and agree that the ways we act and behave come from the interactions, the thoughts and perceptions, the way that we have been brought up. Oh, I am so thankful. Great share!

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