Traveling or Thinking of Traveling Nursing? New Online Tools!

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488062_483505651697662_1435372624_nYou would never dare book a hotel room without browsing pictures and reviews beforehand on Travelocity. You wouldn’t dream of buying a home without extensive hunting on Zillow. In some cases, you probably wouldn’t even make reservations to try out a new Thai restaurant without first heading to Yelp first. We pretty much use online reviews for just about anything and everything these days. So why should nurses get jobs in hospitals and facilities without first conducting their own online research?

Travel Nurse Source, a job board specifically for RNs seeking travel assignments, saw the need for online tools to help nurses before they transition into new jobs. After several months of intensive research and design, they have just launched some special new online tools to help new nurses, travel nurses, and nurses relocating find out about the nation’s hospitals before you start the job.

U.S. Hospital Directory

The Hospital directory provides real reviews from nurses that have worked there. This tool will
help you ensure you make the right choice in your career.

The hospital directory provides nurses with an inside look at the hospitals they may be working in. Additionally they can research the places the hospitals are located in. This helps the nurse who is relocating to a new place for work. Here you can find details about average nurse pay and licensing information about that  facility’s state as well as stats about the city (population, average rent cost, crime rates, commute times, and climate.) 

Had an amazing experience working in a hospital? Had a not-so-amazing time working somewhere? Help other nurses and share your reviews.

imagesFAQ Travel Nurse Discussions

Travelers usually have a lot of questions about how temporary nurse jobs work. Unfortunately, there really weren’t too many places to get the answers online. Now, however, there is a place where nurses can come with their employment questions and get real answers from fellow healthcare professionals as well as recruiters. Got a question about travel nursing or nursing in general? Don’t be afraid to ask. Or, simply browse the existing discussions.

Bio: Caroline Hill is a healthcare blogger and digital marketing specialist for Track5Media. She has 10450807_10154276522860595_635522609911562625_nher bachelor’s of science in speech communication with a focus in public relations. Her work has appeared on Nurse Together, American Nurse Today, and more. You can also find her frequently updated nurse articles here.


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