Two Nurses Release Exceptional 3 Min Video @ Medical Improv

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It can be really hard to convey the value the experiential learning of ‘Medical Improv’ brings to healthcare.  Well, hard for me.  Yet nurse colleagues Stephanie Frederick, M.Ed, RN and Liz Barta, RN, BSN, CHES manage to make several very important points in their new Youtube, Applying ‘Medical’ Improv to Improv(e) Healthcare Communication.  Shifting “Yes but” to “Yes and”!  And they make them clearly!

But don’t take my word for it.  Watch and share the video and check out their website!  And of course I’ll add their youtube to my resource pages!

...its about accepting & building on someone else's idea... -Stephanie Frederick, RN, M.Ed. Click To Tweet

Thank you Stephanie and Lisa for this big leap forward in sharing the exciting work of Medical Improv.

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2 Responses to Two Nurses Release Exceptional 3 Min Video @ Medical Improv

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  2. Thanks for sharing, Beth! Although “Yes, And” is fundamental, there are many Medical Improv exercises that can be learned and practiced at all levels of healthcare organizations. The patient experience is guaranteed to improve!

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