Don’t Sacrifice Your Own Well-being-Here’s a Way Not To!

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Serving others is a powerful act. Sacrificing your own well-being is giving up power to someone else. This can result in feeling exhausted, depleted and even resentful – not a good formula for self-care and healing. Negative energy is draining. Positive energy is healing – for searcheveryone involved. So how do you deal with the feelings and learn to relax, regenerate and recharge your energy and love for the profession you have chosen?

We’d like to give you tools and techniques to use whenever you feel you may be heading towards feeling like a servant or minion.  Join David Couper Consulting for a free one-hour webinar with Dr. Carla Rotering on Thursday, August 20, from 12-1 PM PST to:

• Learn to treat yourself with the same caring and compassion you treat others.

• Convert the critical loop of stressful inner dialogue.

• Learn to enlist your inner resources to rejuvenate and relax.

Here’s your free access link to this life-enhancing webinar. 

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