What a Fun Interview I Had- Podcast w/ Elizabeth Scala is Live!

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Great news!  I was recently interviewed on Your Next Shift, the most innovative internet show that blends helps nurses thrive in their careers.

My podcast interview can be found here: http://elizabethscala.com/author-to-improv-this-nurse-tells-all-eps-006/.   

In my podcast, I discussed:

  • Why having ideal technology at our fingertips makes the job easier and smoother;
  • How persistence pays off and turns out in MANY successful milestones;
  • And why learning from other mentors has shifted my approach and helped me release wasted energy.

I’d love for you to listen in – and even better – let me know what you think by leaving a comment on the show.

Again, the link to listen in can be found here: http://elizabethscala.com/author-to-improv-this-nurse-tells-all-eps-006/.  

Thanks for taking the time! 

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