ManageUP PRM-Unleashing the Power of Healthcare Teams

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“While our goal is improved patient outcomes, our solution has to start with employee engagement” ~ Lan Nguyen, CEO ManageUP PRM

One of my consulting roles is with a new and exciting Personnel and Resource Management (PRM) Software company called ManageUP PRM.  static1.squarespace

Can you imagine a software company that is so committed to this ideal that they are seeking out expertise in human factors and organizational culture from a nursing perspective?  THAT’S exciting, don’t you think?

We envision a healthcare system that is cost-effective and safe! Click To Tweet

What is it?

ManageUP is a cloud-based hosted solution that automates organizational tasks, enhances collaboration, and increases communication. Your healthcare team gains more time with patients, become more engaged, and work at the top of their license.

What can it do for you?

  • Improve Employee Engagement by clearly defining performance objectives, rewarding staff for their timely completion, and providing management immediate feedback into their achievements.
  • Sustain Organizational Initiatives by providing a personalized employee portal where all important procedures, guidelines, processes, and training materials reside whether they are videos, documents, or website links…easily updated and disseminated to healthcare staff.
  • Increase Productivity with streamlined workflows that provide staff with what objectives need to be completed, how to get them done, and where to access relevant information.

How does ManageUP do it?

  • Disseminate Critical Information to the right individuals and have the confidence that it has been read and understood.  Automated checklists, such as license renewals, can be set up once and assigned to healthcare staff on a recurring basis.
  • Enhance Collaboration and Teamwork by providing a transparent medium that incentivizes healthcare teams to collaborate on workflow improvements around Safety, Quality, Effectiveness and Efficiency.
  • Close the Communication Loop by taking staff from objectives creation to assignment to completion and approval. Achievement of organizational objectives will be transparent, trackable, and traceable.  Achievement of organizational objectives will be transparent, trackable, and traceable. Click To Tweet

What is the technology and how long does it take to implement?

Software as a Service solution that is cloud-based and therefore accessible anywhere and anytime.  The responsive web interface provides excellent user experience from desktop to tablet. Once data is ready for upload, implementation takes only days if not hours…with no IT disruption.   

How much does it cost?

Flexible subscription fee model designed to grow with your needs.  Fees are base on monthly or annual subscriptions depending on user group size.

doc nurse handshakeI’ll be joining co-founders Lan Nguyen and Greg Hunter as exhibitors at the Connected Health Symposium Conference in Boston at the end of October.  If you go, please stop by and say, “Hi”. If you’d like more info about this software now:




Phone: 855.971.1006

Request a Demo (or Free Trial)

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