RNFM Radio Interview is Available!

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What a joy to be back on RNFM! Talking with nurse leaders Keith Carlson, Kevin Ross, and Elizabeth Scala was like being at our own ‘Nurses Rock’ summit!


...like being at our own 'Nurses Rock' summit! Click To Tweet

It was fun to do some spontaneous med improv with them!  Listen and learn about Elizabeth’s new method of transportation 🙂 and some more serious discussion about the challenges of being assertive especially in a toxic culture.  I also talk a bit about my new book, Successful Nurse Communication and what it is like to go from self-publishing my first book to working with a major publisher like F.A. Davis!

They’ve created a page on RN FM Radio’s website and you can find that link here:


Permalink to the show:


Be sure to tune in to my interview @RNFMRADIO : http://bit.ly/RNFMBethBoynton #RNFMRadio Click To Tweet



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