“How to Huddle” Video for Patient Safety-Please Watch & Share!

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Huddles are a proven method to help implement teamwork and improve communication among everyone who works in a HIIP_HuddleTitlehealthcare setting.  Kudos to the team and funders, (you’ll see some familiar names on the list), as this video is an important part of a larger movement to promote and insure patient safety and high quality care! 

The Veterans Health Administration in partnership with the University of California at San Francisco has released a 16 min video with supportive resources that will help you transform the “TALK” about teamwork to “ACTION”.   Watch Executive Producer, Suzzanne Gordon’s  How-To-Huddle video and then scroll down to see the great resources!  

How to Huddle video has strong emphasis on commitment to teaching, practicing, & coaching! Click To Tweet

What stood out most for me in the materials was the strong emphasis on process, i.e. a commitment to teaching, practicing, and coaching the model.  You’ll hear one nurse, Donna Soriano,  share that she didn’t think it would work, no one had time for it,  and that she wouldn’t participate.  She goes on to say with a big smile, “…I don’t know what happened.  One day I just started talking and I guess I haven’t stopped…yet!”  (I bet she was listened to and respectfully!  It’s magic!)

Donna Soriano, LVN

Donna Soriano, LVN

Anyways, please check it out and help spread the word!

As you will see in the video, which features huddles at the San Francisco VA Medical Centers, huddles are now the vehicle where interprofessional teamwork and communication are implemented, practiced and refined.  You’ll also hear from front line staff about how huddles have made their work more satisfying and safe for both patients and staff!

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