Webinar Recording Part II: Exploring the Deeper Work of Assertiveness

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Nurse assertiveness is fundamental to positive changes in patient safety workplace culture, & workforce health.   We already know this!  What we don’t seem to appreciate fully, is how complex this skill and related behaviors are and where our solutions have blind spots!

Deeper understanding is essential for promoting, role-modeling, and teaching assertiveness!  It is time for a fresh approach to teaching communication!

Here is the recording of the 10/27/2015 Part II of the webinar series, Exploring the Deeper Work of Assertiveness.  Hosted by F.A. Davis Publishing you’ll learn about the emotional intelligence and human behaviors that underly our communication, behavior and relationships!  It’s 30 min and includes experiential learning activities you can use to promote respectful and effective assertiveness in your classroom or on your unit and if you are a nurse educator,  a call to action opportunity for reviewing my new textbook, “Successful Nurse Communication:  Safe Care, Healthy Workplaces, & Rewarding Careers!


Understanding how Emotional Intelligence, behavior, & communication are related is crucial for effective teaching & learning! Click To Tweet
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