When technology leaders CARE about clinician burnout….even the sky is no limit!

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As you may know, I have a consulting role with an exciting software as a service company called ManageUp PRM.  I’ll be joining co-founders Lan Nguyen and Greg Hunter as exhibitors at the Connected Health Symposium Conference in Boston today through Friday Oct 30, 2015.  (Please come by and say “Hi”).   My role with the company is to help inform decisions and their impact on organizational culture,  human factors and nurse-related concerns as they come up in strategic planning, marketing and so forth and to help with social media.

Want to know why I’m jazzed about working with the leadership team on software that really can make a difference in nursing practice and all clinical settings?   Because, when leaders seem to understand the pressure we are under and make statements like these, I stop and take notice!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKLAAAAJDMwMDE5ZTgxLTQxMWUtNDUxOC05ZjZlLTYwNWJhMzZlYmFkZA-2“Recently, I attended the Hospital of Tomorrow conference where the keynote speaker, Dr. Noseworthy, CEO of Mayo Clinic, highlighted an epidemic in healthcare often not acknowledged much less addressed. That topic was clinician burnout, which is estimated over 50%.  Over half of our clinicians are being overwhelmed with administrative and clerical work on top of additional patient load.  Dr. Noseworthy read a powerful, heart wrenching letter from a Mayo Clinic physician on his struggles with being burnt out.  If this is occurring at the Mayo Clinic, I can only imagine the plight other lesser known (and funded) institutions must be facing.

We see much emphasis being placed on the patients, but how is it really possible to deliver better patient care if our frontline clinicians are not cared for?”  –Lan Nguyen, CEO ManageUP PRM

Greg Hunter

“With over 25 years in healthcare, I have an in depth understanding of the challenges currently facing healthcare teams. Inspired to help every care team reach their potential and sustain their level of quality care, I set out to create a hub to empower us all. To align our activities and functions in a manner that would not be disruptive to what we enjoy most, delivering quality care to our patients.” –Greg Hunter, CPO, ManageUP PRM.

This is what we need if the vast potential of technology is going to support the work of nurses.  (IMHO!)

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