Save on Your Prescriptions with (Do your patients know about this?)

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By Rich Klein

With prescription drugs prices at all-time highs, it’s becoming increasingly apparent why so many patients rebateslogoeditaren’t taking their medications. Heck, some don’t even bother picking up their medications. That’s where we,, come into play. It is our goal to change this drastically troublesome prescription climate.

With our prescription discounts and coupons, patients can save up to 75% on their medications with or especially without insurance. In under a year, we’ve already brought savings to over 750 thousand people across the country. From Amoxicillin to Zocor, Rebates can help anyone save on over 10,000 drugs from both the brand name or generic variety. No matter where you pick your prescriptions up at, these coupons will work at nearly any pharmacy in the United States.

One of the best aspects of is that there is nothing hidden up our sleeves. We try and remain as transparent as humanly possible so that patients won’t be in for any surprises. You won’t find any long, drawn out forms or sign up fees. We’ve made using Rebates as easy as possible. All you need to do is search for your drug, click “Get Coupon”, and receive your discount by print, e-mail, or text. It’s really that simple. We even mail out permanent pharmacy discount cards that can be used at any time.

At, you’ll also find a completely comprehensive drug encyclopedia. On each drug profile, patients can discover all of their drug’s uses, average dosages, side effects, and interactions. As a we promote prescriptions, it’s important to us that we provide patients with a full guide of their medications’ benefits and potentially dangerous effects. We have absolutely no affiliation with any pharmaceutical company or group. We are entirely out for the betterment of patients’ health and their bank accounts.

By working with one of the top pharmacy benefit managers in the country, we’ve secured the rights to some of the lowest prescription prices available. No one should have to struggle to remain healthy. With our pharmacy discount cards, we hope to make everyone heal faster for cheaper.

imageRich Klein is a senior editor for, a company he has proudly worked at for the last two years. Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY; Rich enjoys spending his free time with his fiancé, eating new foods, and cheering on his Carolina Panthers.

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  1. Beth_Boynton_RN_MS says:

    Thanks for sharing this important resource for patients and providers, Rich.

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