Considering the human dimension while practicing main stream medicine

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self photoI have been into teaching and training healthcare professionals in India the subject of “Organizational Behavior” and connected topics and want to share some of my views about the human dimension while practicing main stream medicine.

I see many healthcare professionals doing a great job in practicing very consciously and acknowledge many practitioners like nurses doing a wonderful job in healing people.  Nurses do experience moderate to high stress level.

When we are physically balanced; we are able to concentrate better in life. Doctors help us to restore this whenever the first signs of sickness and imbalance show. Now, so much we know, but I have a concern the way sometimes the main stream medicine is practiced in that we are missing the human dimension. Sometimes we are too much working on symptoms/reports rather than considering the entire human being, its physical, emotional, spiritual aspects. I do observe the soul of psychiatry which is psychotherapy is lost in giving antidepressants. We are tired sometimes, but are not necessarily depressed.  Dclubley_stick_figure

Wellness or preventive healthcare is extremely important. Till the lifestyle modification takes place, the patient is liable to come back again and again.

Mentoring the patient on the healthy lifestyle with exercise program and good nutrition is part of wellness and wellness is part of healthcare.

The main point I want to make is there needs to be a little shift in the perspective of healthcare, stressing on considering the entire human being and taking a perspective on illness from that angle. Human being is a system of interacting subsystems. I believe not considering the entire human with its varied dimensions is missing this point and is not practicing healthcare in a conscious way.

We are to do things a little differently; I do not want to focus on what is wrong rather I am focusing on how differently we are to do things.  We can just point out certain ways in which we can practice medicine in a more conscious manner. Over criticizing would be counterproductive. By making our contribution , we will find change will start happening and we will be becoming a contributing factor for the change!

To conclude I want to make following suggestions.

  • To practice medicine consider the entire human being with its different aspects of mind body and spirit.
  • To be practicing it more consciously.
  • To give wellness, lifestyle modification, walking program, dietary changes, stress management, yoga, meditation,  medical improv, and last but not least promoting behavioral changes required for better health and fitness.

SK Puri has ten years experience in training healthcare professionals on topics like creative leadership, self hospetstress management, team-building and team-working.  He regularly arranges Management Development Programs in Healthcare at Academy of Hospital Administration, Noida/India. His training includes topics like communication, stress management, change management, interpersonal skills etc. and his main interest is training through role plays, interactive experience sharing, and medical improv. He has done research  on”Stress Management” with respect to nurses, police personnel & women managers in India.  Other areas of expertise include:

  • Creative Problem Solving (CPS), Creative leadership, Organization Development (OD). Performance improvement through Lean and Kaizen are my special interest for taking consultancy assignments.
  • Employability improvement with several management and engineering institutes for making students Industry ready.
  • Psychological counseling, mentoring, coaching and training for holistic development of  clients for better mental ,emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Lean Consulting, most recently at Hospet Steels, Karnataka/India manufacturing Iron, Steel and Rolled Products.  

 Learn more about SK Puri’s work and contact through LinkedIn!

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7 Responses to Considering the human dimension while practicing main stream medicine

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  2. Below Ten Thousand says:

    Hi Puri SK. Nice post on changing the the focus of health care.

    We believe that the first step is to change the way we describe what we do.

    Rather than thinking that we “Work in the Health Care Industry” delivering clinical care to people, we should say that we are “In the People Industry” delivering Health Care.

    A simple thing to say, but it totally changes the goal posts. It places the person as our PRIMARY focus, and begins to break down the gap that often exists between person Vs treatment.

  3. Puri SK says:

    The same post was shared in India with the teaching and training organizations in the Health Care Sector and they have given the comment that the content is very much applicable and great in its suggestion. I do feel the same is true for other contries too.

  4. Beth_Boynton_RN_MS says:

    Thanks for sharing your wisdoms SK. It is fascinating to me that your experience in India has great relevance for us here in the USA and quite possibly other parts of the world. I think healthcare professionals of all disciplines can help us bring healthcare forward locally and globally in ways that can heal so much.

    • Puri SK says:

      Thanks Beth Boynton, I appreciate your view that collaboratively healthcare professionals can bring about healing in much more conscious way. Humans are complex and hence are to be healed looking at them as a total system of interacting subsystem,which may not be his body alone ,but his mental, emotional and behavioral aspects.

What are your thoughts?