Spreading some good news about compassion, mindfulness, & equestrians

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Do you love conversations with healthcare colleagues that are inspiring?   How about learning about hopeful work going on in our world?   I get very excited b/c despite these troubling times, there are signs of a more joyful world out there too.  Recently,  I had a conversation with my physical therapist whilst getting some skilled and compassionate care to my shoulder and s1445559948he told me about  “The Compassionate Equestrian” book, blog, and website.

The book’s full title is “The Compassionate Equestrian:  25 Principles to Live By When Caring for or Working with Horses” and it was written by Veterinarian, Allen Schoen and horse trainer, Susan Gordon.  I’ve found some excellent blog articles and will eventually read the book.  If any of these are true for you, I suspect you’ll be psyched to know about these resources:

  • You work with horses
  • You love animals in general
  • You practice meditation
  • You believe compassion for self and others is vital for safe, quality care
  • You know someone else who does any of the above
Could the 25 principles have relevance to us in healthcare? -The Compassionate Equestrian... Click To Tweet

Do you suppose that the 25 principles have relevance to us in healthcare?  I bet they are in sync with Margaret Wheatley’s work on “Warriors for the Human Spirit“,  Elizabeth Scala’s work on the “Art of Nursing“, SK Puri’s comments on the human dimension in medicine,  my own efforts in developing medical improv programs, and many colleagues out there doing great stuff.  Here’s an older post about a animal assisted therapy too!  And please feel free to share your related work!

It’s all related, right?

Thanks Pam Neff Montembeau, DPT for being such a skilled and compassionate physical therapist and encouraging me to be compassionate to my shoulder/arm! 🙂




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4 Responses to Spreading some good news about compassion, mindfulness, & equestrians

  1. I actually went to an animal Reiki class one time and we practiced on horses. While the modality is no different for humans or animals (we are all animals, right? LOL)… it was wonderful to approach these gentle creatures. At times, they can teach us a LOT as they are much more sensitive to the energy. Don’t have that monkey mind getting in their way. Thanks for sharing this!

    • That sounds like an awesome Reiki class and I do think it is very cool to think about and feel animals of all kinds including us helping each other! Thanks for your feedback and sharing, Elizabeth!

  2. Donna Carol Maheady says:

    Spot on Beth on so many levels…. my daughter has a service dog from Canine Companions for Independence. Lauren (my daughter) also participated in many years of therapeutic horse back riding…..with amazing PTs who volunteered their time. We are sold!!! Animals and professionals who work with them are doing powerful work in our world….please carry on!

    • Thanks, Donna. I bet Lauren and her service dog and therapuetic horse showed you many examples of love in action! And I second your motion about encouraging and honoring the work that professionals and animals doing this work!! As my mom has needed more and more help in the home, my brother has moved in w/ his two dogs and birds…it is so dear to see my mom talking with all of them. It seems they have a very clear and privileged purpose!

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