Nurse Keith’s Excellent Career Coaching Podcast @ Assertiveness!

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keith carlson

Holistic career coach and expert career blogger for, Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC shares essential insights about nurses and assertiveness.  In his work as a Nurse Coach, he has a keen awareness about the challenges that female nurses face in developing assertiveness while encouraging all nurses in his always supportive way “…to learn to be assertive, and to take risks to ask for what is best for you and your life.”

This episode is all about nurses owning their bold self-confidence &ability to stand up for their own... Click To Tweet

This episode is all about nurses owning their bold self-confidence and their ability to stand up for their own firm personal and professional boundaries and in my opinion both are absolutely critical for providing safe care, building healthy workplace cultures, and sustaining rewarding careers!

Listen in as he discusses complex and insidious gender disparities and cultural norms that impact us all and get energized to41fhokqy9cL._AA160_ take steps in developing your own assertiveness.  And check out his new book, “Savvy Networking for Nurses

Listen to the podcast #34, check out the show notes, and/or learn more about Nurse Keith! AND he’s offering a wonderful incentive to follow him on Instagram.  You follow him, let him know you did and then schedule a whole hour 1:1 with YOU!

(Keith mentions both of my books as resources too!  Confident Voices and Successful Nurse Communication!  Thanks, Keith!)


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4 Responses to Nurse Keith’s Excellent Career Coaching Podcast @ Assertiveness!

  1. So glad you shared this podcast with Nurse Keith. I am headed over to listen. Hoping to find useful information for nurse educators!

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    • Beth Boynton says:

      Thanks for your comments and while I agree with much of what you’d say about the importance of assertiveness and asking for what you need, I’d like to challenge you on a couple of points. First, I don’t advise telling nurses or anyone else how they should feel, i.e. “…shouldn’t feel afraid to speak up”. It is oppressive language and counterproductive to building assertiveness. Second, the addition of “without offending someone of higher dominance” to the definition of assertiveness is a dangerous one because it condones toxic behaviors like not listening or not creating psychologically safe environments. Both are critical leadership action steps that will promote healthy workplaces and patient safety. Assertiveness is incredibly complex and involves individual and organizational behaviors. In this 30 min (and free) webinar I talk more about it!

  3. Beth, thank you for the lovely mention of my podcast, nurse career coaching, and book.

    You are a shining example of a nurse who offering other nurses powerful communication tools for creating healthy, team-oriented, collaborative workplaces.

    Thanks for the gifts you continue to give to the nursing community!

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