It’s True! Here’s Proof! Nurses are Supporting Nurses!

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The response to our request for tips was incredible, and we’re excited to get feedback on them.–Sarah Bass, Senior Editor, ONPP
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101 Nursing Tips from the Experts!

Nursing is a tough and honorable profession and we all know that there are some challenges out there in terms of toxic cultures and horizontal violence.  Yet, there is a sea change going on in healthcare and I get very excited when I hear about collaborative efforts by nurses created to help other nurses!  I’m happy to say that I contributed 3 tips to the article and looking at the list of contributors am honored to be in such great company.

Check out these great categories!  We’re rooting for you!  The future of nursing is here!

Reawaved one before each shift, share with your colleagues, be creative about posting your favorite(s) on a bulletin board somewhere!  🙂

Let us know what you think and what you’d add to the list.

Join the wave of positive change!

Check out this collaborative effort of nurses supporting other nurses! 101 Tips from the Experts! Click To Tweet


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