Confident Voices in Healthcare Top 10 Posts for 2015

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Confident Voices in Healthcare has had an exciting, educational, and sometimes provocative year of posts! Check out the top 10 for 2015!Top-Ten-Logo.svg

And check out the Top 10s of 2015 for leading Nurse Bloggers!

#1 The number one post was a story about a young nurse called, RN states “No regrets!” after reporting concerns about patient safety.  This was a collaboration between myself and her and received over 11,000 views in two days and many comments.  She requested I remove the article several weeks later and I decided to honor her request.  It was a great piece and I’m glad that many had the chance to read it!  Sadly, it can be dangerous to be honest as a nurse.

#2  Last Spring, Elizabeth Scala invited me to be the blogger for her exemplary “Art of Nursing” program and this post got a lot of views!  Visionary Nurse Entrepreneur Elizabeth Scala has Created an Amazing Virtual Continuing Education Program!

#3  This post got some good press and was exciting for me b/c I got to make an important point about the culture nurses often work in that obviously wasn’t understood by leaders atTeamSTEPPS Here’s a 3rd & Essential Step for the “Two Challenge Rule“!

#4  Former CEO shared some valuable insights as he tells us how important it became to listen to his staff!  Talk about a Confident Voice! Confessions of a Hospital Administrator w/ Principles to Share from Major Lessons Learned, by John W. Mitchell.

#5   How exciting to see this announcement in the top ten.  After 3 years of work, F.A. Davis published my textbookSuccessful Nurse Communication” It’s Time for a Different Approach!  If you have read or read it PLEASE let me/us know what you think.  Reviews on Amazon or F.A. Davis site can be very powerful.

#6  How exciting that Dr. Ackerman’s FB group is growing and has over 3000 members.  Many ‘Confident Voices” readers have joined!  There are some great dialogues and networking going on!  Please check it out.  Mike Ackerman, DNS, RN on Mission to Stop the Silence in Healthcare

#7   New York Post & Reporter Betsy McCaughy Perpetuate Blaming Cultures and Medical Errors Journalist is irresponsible (at best) in her article pitting doctors and consumers against Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs).  She makes patient safety efforts even more difficult IMHO!

#8  Let’s make continuing education exciting!  Another opportunity for nurses to celebrate their work in this special blog carnival for Elizabeth Scala’s “Art of Nursing”.  There are some great links to many nurses sharing insights about this topic!

#9  7 Tips Nurses Can Use to Set Healthy Limits!  Saying “No” or asking for help can be challenging.  This is a great resource to share, printout, and post!  Nurses who respect themselves and each other can change healthcare culture for the better!

#10  What is at the core of this miscommunication story?  An all too familiar story about miscommunication in healthcare and this one involves a dying patient’s wishes.  Emotional intelligence is so important for building better communicators!

This post is part of a Nurse Blog Carnival!

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10 Responses to Confident Voices in Healthcare Top 10 Posts for 2015

  1. britneynerdynurse says:

    What a great round up of posts. I enjoyed the posts on setting healthy limits. I think this is something so many struggle with.

    Thank you for participating in the Nurse Blog Carnival.

  2. Carol Bush says:

    Beth- What a great round-up for the year! I think its cool that several of your articles feature physician and nurse colleagues…what a testament to your support of your peers! I look forward to reading your book ‘Successful Nurse Communication’!!

  3. Beth,
    It has been such an honor to get to know you and your work. You inspire me to continue to think outside the box. I learn from you and continue to grow.
    You are such an inspiration to nursing and healthcare.
    Here’s to a great new year of collaboration!

    • Hi Donna, I say the exact same about you and your inspiring work. You’ve shared so many stories of nurses who LIVE outside the box, including your own! Yes, here’s to a great new year of collaboration!

  4. Beth,
    I’m so blessed to have discovered you and your blog. I have learned so much through the content you produce. The information you provide promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and communication, a skill we all can continually refine to improve patient outcomes. And, I never knew about Medical Improv untill I read your blog. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to discover what I will learn from you this year!

  5. Joyce says:

    These are great posts Beth. What a pity you had to remove the first post. Still I enjoyed reading the others. Great work!

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