Movie Review: “Fix-It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point”

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Untitled design (3)“Fix-It” is a great documentary about the incredible drain in time and money that our multi-payer healthcare insurance causes on our  system and I say ‘watch-it, share-it, think about-it’!

The movie advocates for the Single Payer model supported by the Physicians for National Healthcare Program.  I support this model too btw, because even with imperfections  in superimposing it on our current system with its fortune-making grip, the shift onto actual care and away from complex and often destructive administrative bureaucracy is a big improvement.  “Fix-It” does not say much about costs associated with big pharma, malpractice litigation, specialty practices or other sometimes-greedy entities, but still it is full of worthwhile info, stats, and some well know commentators, like Dr. Don Berwick and former Cigna Insurance VP, Wendell Potter.

It isn’t available to download or watch online, YET and I’ve asked to be added to the list and will let you know when it is available.

Watch the trailer here.

Host a screening here or check out the calendar here.

Do note that our event wasn’t listed so I can’t say how accurate the calendar is, however, they were quick to respond to my question about downloading and our correspondence resulted in pending interview with Stan Prode, RN that I think you’ll enjoy.  Stan is a nurse affiliated with Harvard University who has been working on the movie and shares, “It has been an eye opening experience to learn about worldwide healthcare finance – from the profit driven industry in the U.S. to the universal healthcare models found in pretty much every other country in the World.”  (I love learning about nurses doing unusual work and sharing with you! 🙂 More to come soon about his story!)

Thanks to local PCP, Dr. Tom Clairmont, MD for spearheading a screening at the PortsmAR-151229473outh, NH Public Library.  (He also wrote a great summary of presidential candidates’ stance on healthcare for Seacoast Online.)

I also recommend healthcare documentaries:  “Escape Fire“,  “Code Black“,  “The American Nurse”

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6 Responses to Movie Review: “Fix-It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point”

  1. Frank says:

    There is now FREE access to the Fix It movie on the Fix It website!

    You can now see the full version of “Fix It” the movie at

    Fix It “Watch The Movie” webpage includes resources that will help you connect to your PC to a TV or Projector. You can stream the movie directly from your PC.

    We now have a “Get Active “ page that has resource to help you get active

    Register your Fix It event on our Event Registration Page so we can post your event on our calendar

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  4. Great to know, Debbie. Can I and readers join a list for release info? I’d be delighted to review when ready.

  5. Fix It is the first part of a trilogy of films Part 2 will deal with Big PHaRMA.

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