Current events-med improv update!

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This experiential learning method for developing emotional intelligence and interpersonal medical improvskills is gaining traction.  More email inquiries,  networking calls, articles, and slow but sure progress on “Improvoscopy:  Serious Play for Safe Care” Indiegogo campaign.   In case you are interested, there are FB pages for Medical Improv, Seacoast Med Improv, and Applied Improvisation Network.

Here’s the news from my front porch!

Upcoming workshops

2/16/2016:   A Full Day of Med Improv with and Judy Ringer of Power and Presence will co-facilitate!

5/1/2016:    26th Annual New England Regional Health Risk Management Conference presentation – Medical Improv to Improve Healthcare Communication & Collaboration.

5/3/2016:  University of New Hampshire Professional Development & Training full day seminar –  Medical Improv:   Learn How to Deliver the Optimal Patient Experience!

Recent (and Relevant) Guest Blogposts on Medline

Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Skills are Underlying Key Issues

Optimizing Outcomes & Approaching Change Differently This Year Through Medical Improv

“Improvoscopy:  Serious Play for Safe Care”  Indiegogo Campaign Update
Improvoscopy Logo draft with words G9Hoping to launch by Mid February and have been pretty focused on developing “Pitch Video” which is ALMOST ready!  Getting the message out about this exciting online library that healthcare professionals can use to teach fundamental med improv activities to ALL staff in ALL organizations is something I feel very passionate about.  If I can get funding for the process, the resources will be free!  This will help to decrease errors, work-related injuries, and bullying or other disruptive behaviors and cultures.  So yeah, it is a big deal!   And I’m told the first 12-30 seconds of your “Pitch Video” has to really grab viewers!  I started out with 5 min and it is now down to about 2!  I hope you will stay tuned and help me with this.

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