Nurse Engagement: A Challenging Yet Worthwhile Goal!

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Studies have shown improved employee engagement  is correlated to decreased readmission penalties and increased HCAPHS scores and VBP payments. If you organization looking to improving these key metrics, ManageUP can help.

Engaging nurses is essential and tough.  Essential, because the experience and nurses 4judgement we carry holds immeasurable value towards any initiative to improve patient care! Tough, because it requires safe and/or just cultures, time, emotional intelligence and communication skills. Nurses must feel comfortable being assertive for themselves and their patients and the cultures must be one where all voices are heard and respected….consistently.  And if there is a history of experiencing or witnessing poor conduct trust has been damaged.  Creating a psychologically safe environment to repair trust and prepare for employee engagement will take time and commitment.

There is help and hope in an exciting  ‘software as a service’ company!

static1.squarespaceI have been working with / advising ManageUP PRM, a company focused on increasing employee engagement and accelerating business execution for healthcare providers.

As a soft skill expert I am excited by a steady and synergistic shift towards positive behavior. Click To Tweet

ManageUP PRM has created a unique approach to helping healthcare organizations dramatically improve employee engagement and confidently execute key organizational initiatives. It was developed by a group of experienced experts who spent decades working in the frontline of leading healthcare organizations and who understand the complex challenges organizations like yours are facing every day. The methodology is built around three key pillars.  These pillars are referred to as the Triple E’s:

  • ENSURE – Automated Task Management Platform:Assigns important tasks to individuals and teams and quickly monitor progress to take appropriate action where needed. Built in messaging options allows for instant collaboration.
  • EMPOWER – Centralized Knowledge Hub:Provides easy access to crucial information needed to execute the assigned tasks effectively (e.g. up-to-date policies, training videos, new process documentation, etc.). Maintains all information centrally as a single source of truth.
  • ENERGIZE – Real-time Recognition System:Recognizes employees for timely completion of assigned tasks and allows them to compare their scores to their peers, fostering a healthy competitive spirit.

What makes ManageUP unique is the seamless integration between the three pillars that creates a self-reinforcing dynamic and drives high adoption.  As a “soft” skill expert I am excited by the software’s steady and synergistic shift towards positive behavior.

In addition, the solution is built on a modern, easy-to-deploy cloud architecture that allows clients to deploy the solution and see first results in a matter of a few weeks.

Below are a few links taking you to more information on ManageUP.  See what calls to you and if you have questions or want to get a closer look at how positive and value this software as a services is, please let us know!

Contact us at

or phone at   855.971.1006

ManageUP one-page Overview

ManageUP use-case for Strategic Initiatives

ManageUP slide deck

Ask for a demo, I promise you won’t get a big sales pitch, rather an enthusiastic BB closer Headshot3:6:2015demonstration of  the full breadth of capabilities that the ManageUP solution can offer and if you want,  the team will be happy to discuss how ManageUP can help address the specific challenges and objectives of your organization!

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