Could choosing the wrong home affect your health?

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IMG-20160115-WA0003by Zach Crawford, Journalist Student and Blogger

With the rise of online real estate, no longer is there the hassle of visiting an estate agent when looking to rent or buy a new property. Tepilo and CastleSmart all offer the ability to search for properties for sale and rent in your local area in the UK, with Zillow offering similar services in the US.

Searching and Selecting

The search is the easy part. There is no difficulty in spending hours on a computer proclaiming ‘oh, this one is nice’ at every few properties you scroll through. The difficulty comes in selecting a single one from the thousands, in committing to buying or renting a single home and then actually doing it. This is a life decision that you do not want to get wrong, especially when buying a house,  as you may only get one chance.

When pondering over the property you could potentially spend the rest of your life in, there are a few things to consider:

  • Affordability
  • Location
  • Family friendliness
  • Neighborhood
  • Safety
  • Distance from points of interest

You’ll be in a constant battle with these questions and others upon deciding, even after the fact.

Transitioning into a New Home

A home has been chosen, the paperwork has been signed, you’re ready to move in. This of course will be a very anxious time (which is normal with any major changes) and can last anything up to a few weeks after settling in. After this time, there is an issue. Studies have shown that new movers sometimes have great resentment towards their new homes, for the smallest of reasons, which can lead to anxiety and then depression. In some cases, the person will avoid going home at all costs as it brings on the feeling of anxiety. While this issue can usually be put down to an adjustment period in a new environment, it could also just be the wrong environment.

Many Health Variables

Moving into a new home for the first time is an experience that no one can prepare for, especially if they are doing it alone. This is where the mental health problems develop; the mover may not be prepared to live on their own just yet, or the property they have moved into just isn’t right for them. Some of those who have had these issues brought on by moving, have stated their homes didn’t feel right, they felt claustrophobic and uncomfortable being in any of the rooms.

Of course these mental health issues are uncommon, but they are not the only health problems to occur from moving. When choosing a new home there are variables that are completely out of your control. For example, neighbours. Neighbours have the potential to be your best friends, however they could also be the bane of your existence. Noisy or intimidating neighbours are a mere aggravation to most, however this can escalate very quickly if not addressed. Patients have reported cases of panic attacks, insomnia and a general lack of sleep due to neighbours playing loud music frequently. Even notifying the police of such events is unlikely to lead to any change. 1 in 10 people have claimed to have moved house due to their neighbours.

The purchase of a large house is generally a celebration, however if the right precautions aren’t taken, it will be a chilly one. Vast houses, due to their size, are lot more difficult to heat while remaining cost effective, this will probably leave the domicile cold on many occasions. Extended periods of time spent in cold rooms can lead to a number of health issues, from an increased chance of infections and in extreme cases hypothermia. This is less of a problem in smaller houses and apartments, but still possible.

Inspecting a house upon visitation is obviously very important, as you can’t always rely on 120px-FEMA_-_44528_-_Home_inspections_in_Olive_Hill_Kentuckya property inspectors word, they go through several properties a day and can easily miss things. It’s because of this that some homes are bought or rented with a mould or vermin problem. Mold can severely affect those with asthma and cause other issues such as eye irritation, headaches and nausea. The same applies to vermin infestations. Having your home scattered with rats or similar can have major implications on your health. These animals being in your house leave all residents very susceptible to diseases that the rodents may carry as well as fleas and ticks.

In the process of selecting a home, health isn’t usually a factor however it’s clear that it should be. Our health is taken for granted and, as illustrated, can be affected by even the smallest of things.


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