Medical Improv Hits Cleveland Clinic! Let’s Make it Available to ALL Hospitals!

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Cleveland Clinic Cleveland Clinic Logo and University Hospitals of Cleveland are embracing medical improv to help with patient engagement!  How exciting is that?

Check out these guest posts from Medline to learn why and how this experiential learning of improvisational activities can help us in healthcare!

Emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills are underlying causes of key issues

Optimizing outcomes and approaching change differently this year through medical improv.

Breaking through status conflict with medical impvov!

All patients everywhere deserve safe and compassionate care, right?

Some hospitals, nursing homes, or clinics are on very tight budgets and many do not have the resources to provide this kind of training.   That is why the innovative crowdsource funding project called  “Improvoscopy:  Serious Play for Safe Care” was such a vital idea.   (Campaign is closed for now and there was not enough funding.  It is an idea destined to happen and I’m percolating several ideas !)

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