Nursing Research Shows Improv Techniques Improve Communication

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Why would the Cleveland Clinic use improv techniques to help physicians improve communication,  the New England Regional American Society of Healthcare Risk Management  conference plan an improv session, or the Hospital and HealthSystem of Pennsylvania host nurse educators who specialize in improv training to provide a workshop at a Patient Safety & Quality Symposium?

CC-297x300A poster presentation at the National Academies of Practice  this past April by Candace Campbell, DNP, MSN-HCSM, RN, CNL, FNAP helps to answer this question!

Campbell’s outcomes are compelling:

  • By learning and practicing improv techniques, participants will learn to think creatively (“on their feet”), understand group dynamics feel more comfortable within groups, and experience an increased measure of confidence when working within teams.
  • Self-assured individuals are more likely to speak up when they see some element out of order, going awry, or ethically questionable, as opposed to remaining silent for fear of embarrassment or recrimination.
  • The professional with improvisational training exhibits confidence, trust and collaboration.  Trust allows fluid communication, better teamwork, less stress in serious situations, and ultimately increased patient safety.

FullSizeRenderDr. Campbell’s poster presentation summarized her USFCA Doctoral Thesis entitled, “Improv to Improve Interprofessional Communication, Team Building, Patient Safety, and Patient Satisfaction”.  

Every hospital and every healthcare professional should have access to improv training. Click To Tweet

Campbell’s title alone suggests that every hospital and every healthcare professional should have access to improv training.

You can help make this happen by becoming a ground-breaking backer of the Improvoscopy Crowdsource Project!


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  1. Talk about evidence to support your work Beth!!!

    The Cleveland Clinic…awesome!!!

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