“The Little Book of Big Emotions” is a Great Resource for Nurses

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Former Psyc51q3BixEevL._SX339_BO1,204,203,200_hotherapist and social worker now author, Erika Hunter’s “The Little Book of BIG Emotions:  How Five Feelings Affect Everything You Do (and Don’t Do)” is well-written, easy-to-follow, and full of helpful exercises and wisdom!

In short,  it is a very helpful guide to emotional freedom!

It can be easy to dismiss the challenging work of understanding our feelings and managing them as unnecessary or too wishy-washy for clinicians.

Yet as many people who have done this work before in therapy or on their own can attest (myself included), it is life-changing!  For us in nursing, the self-awareness and respect for our feelings that Hunter’s book teaches are fundamental to such communication challenges as; setting limits, giving and receiving constructive feedback, delegating tasks, asking for help, and managing conflict.

The author focuses on the 5 primary feelings of human existence:

  • Madquestion
  • Sad
  • Glad
  • Ashamed
  • Scared

Hunter has chapters on each of these and educates while engaging us with personal stories and stories from her work.  She creates a safe environment for readers with her own learning and vulnerability.  And she has very practical exercises designed to help us grow.

I was reading the book following my mom’s death in February and even though I teach and write about emotional intelligence, I learned a lot from her book.  Of course, I was having lots of feelings, sadness was easy to identify and I still feel some.  Yet,  in grieving I’m also allowing myself space to feel many of these other feelings.  And in feeling them, there truly is freedom from getting stuck!

I HIGHLY recommend “The Little Book of BIG Emotions“!  And thank you, Erika for donating your book as a resource for the Improvoscopy:  Serious Play for Safe Care Project!  It is a great resource!


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