Finding Me in Medicine Again! Superb new podcast series for women physicians is launched!

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Geared towards women docs, many wfindingmelogoomen clinicians of all specialties will enjoy and benefit from these 15-20 min podcasts with practicing physicians who are balancing work, family, and life! Probably some men too!

Finding Me in Medicine Again offers early career women physicians honest talk with seasoned doctors about how they handled the many (often competing) challenges of their practices and staying engaged with their families and communities.

These are generous, wide-ranging conversations that are rare in medicine and healthcare.  We boil things down and offer you essential insights into powerful strategies to reduce burnout and succeed in medicine, as well as ideas you can use tomorrow. So you walk through your day tomorrow with more ease and energy and enjoy it all more.

What are listeners saying about Find Me in Medicine?

nance goldsteinMany women physicians are frustrated or exhausted from trying to “balance” the competing demands of their practice and the rest of life. Your host, Nance Goldstein, PhD, ACC, is a credentialed leadership coach and trainer. She partners with worried clinicians to reduce unproductive stress and burnout symptoms to get more done with more ease for your patients, your family and for yourself.

She’s also healthcare leadership scholar focusing on clinician burnout and the new nature of “leadership” in an uncertain and innovative healthcare world. The National Science Foundation awarded her team a large grant, then later commissioned Nance to research the changing environment of jobs and skills triggered by using information technologies in work. She’s a Resident Scholar at Brandeis Women Studies Research Center. Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study honored her as a Fellow.

What are listeners saying so far?

“I’m sitting in front of my computer with a big smile on my face even though it’s 3 o’clock morning and I have most of yesterday’s notes to go because I just listened to all four podcasts.  Thank you so much for this experience. All four the podcast were great….You made me feel good about myself – that’s quite a gift!”  – Internist in Massachusetts tertiary care hospital

” I think Dr. Sam [one of the guests] gave great points about how to make life easier and staying fulfilled and happy with herself. I wish more physicians were as in tune with their bodies and attitudes to see how it affects those around them!”  – Physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, North Carolina

“This was a fantastic talk that really left me excited about getting more out of medicine as a woman. She was just full of great ideas for low time-commitment but high yield ways to stay human as a physician. I found [these] talks really insightful and would love to hear more.”  – Family medicine resident, Maine

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