Make an Infusion of Laughter Part of Nurses’ Week & Contribute to World Peace!

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May is no13152627_10154118638239544_1371667783_nt only the month for celebrating Nurses Week, it’s when annual  World Laughter Day events happen too.  “World Laughter Day?” you wonder… 

Annually, the 1st Sunday in May,  “laughter for health” enthusiasts gather in groups worldwide to celebrate and promote the personal self care and social connection of Laughter Yoga.   It’s sustained, playful, intentional laughter  (without using jokes, humor or comedy) that beautifully nourishes  health, happiness, and peace. 

The Founder of the Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria, had no idea that what began as a social experiment in a Mumbai, India park in 1995 would grow into a health and wellness movement  shared in 105 countries .  Not only would it be enjoyed in social “Laughter Clubs” worldwide, but also move into corporate, educational, community and healthcare arenas — to enhance wellness, emotional intelligence, team building, and more.

Similar to  Medical Improv – Laughter Yoga reconnects its participants with their  capacity to play. Can you picture yourself making eye contact with others  doing laughter greetings?  Just opening the door to “a little willingness” to get goofy?  Taking deep breaths in and heartily expelling “all, all, all… the air out as  your laugh?? Pretending to groom with laughter toiletries (laughing!), clearing away negative thoughts with mental-flossing (laughing)… doing a little “Ho ho, ha ha ha…” chanting…?

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Well,  holistic nurse, media broadcaster and laughter yoga teacher from Maryland has a treat for you.  You can laugh-along to the video broadcast replay of her World Laughelaine laughterter Day Hangout she hosted on May 1st of this year.  Elaine Nieberding, BS, RN, CHSMI, CLYT gathered laughter luminaries from around the world so you could get your own taste of TLC (Timely Laughter Care).  And with panelist Janet Carroll, RN  from Houston, TX, included some nurse-related laughter exercises and acknowledged Nurses Week  too. 

Elaine Nieberding’s been a featured presenter at the Los Angeles (2014) and Chicago (2012) Laughter Yoga/Laughter Wellness conferences.  In health-care settings, Elaine has  led Laughter Yoga for Nurses Week hospital events,  done webinar presentations for wellness summits and series, and served cancer-care AMC Hope Lodge families and cancer patients, and more.   She excited about continuing to inspire laughter self-care through video broadcasting, too!

Now go get your laugh on!  Visit for convenient viewing of Elaine Nieberding’s May 1st Hangout.  Warm up your giggle, and then – if you must – “Fake it till you make it.”  You just might start imagining how laughing “for the health of it”, could jumpstart  creativity and caring connections in ways you may never have imagined.

Elaine NElaine Nieberding

BS, RN, CLYT (Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher – Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga)

CHSMI  (Certified Holistic Stress Management Instructor)

Bel Air, MD 21015

@laughingelaine (Twitter)

Elaine Nieberding YouTube channel

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