Pay Tribute to a Nurse Who Has Touched Your Life this Nurses’ Week!

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pBrightstar Care wants to make it easy for people to express their appreciation for the nurses that have touched their lives,” said Sharon Roth Maguire, MS, RN, GNP-BC, and Chief Clinical Quality Officer of BrightStar Care.

“All someone has to do is share a post on social media describing how a special nurse made a difference in their life — #ThankANurse. It’s a simple gesture that can have a huge impact.”

The public can participate in #ThankANurse by posting:

  • A status sharing how a nurse touched their life
  • A photo of themselves or a loved one with the special nurse they would like to thank
  • A short video verbalizing their gratitude

BrightStar Care, a national private duty in-home care franchise that employs over 2,500 registered nurses, hopes to give thanks to at least 1 million nurses during the campaign. As part of the effort, the company has created a website featuring personal videos of people thanking nurses, as well as video tributes to four outstanding nurses. Visitors can create and share #ThankANurse posts directly from the site.

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