Nurse Boss Soul School: A new program based on love of Self!

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by Lisbeth Overton

In two days we are going to embark on camp for the nurse soul at the first school of its kind, Nurse Boss Soul School!

  • The entire program is based on love of SELF. It is time to put your own needs first without guilt or fear.
  • You will learn how to align your body, mind, and soul. This creates optimal wellness and will help you attract what you want in life and career.
  • You will learn how to cultivate love for self without guilt or question or qualifiers.
  • You will begin to understand why you are the way you are, based on the programming that you received at a very young age.
  • You will learn energy techniques to release the program that continues to run in the background that keeps you from really believing that you deserve and can have what you want.
  • You will be supported by me and the other incredible women in the group.
  • You will laugh and let you hair down without fear of judgement.
  • You will learn and practice how to embrace your awesome and practice ways to attract what you want.

Nurse Boss Soul School launches May 16th and registration is open until May 20th!

Once you are registered you will be able to log into my website and start Lesson 1 as early as Monday, May 16th. The entire program is online and is a variety of PDF’s, audios, and videos and will be like this for each of the six lessons. It can all be done from the privacy of your own home in your pj’s.

May 26th, Thursday evening at 7pm Central Time we will hop on the phone and check in on how everyone is doing and I will guide you through an empowering energy exercise. (60 minute.)

There are 6 lessons.

IMG_6810-768x768A new lesson is released every 2 weeks. There is always a call the 2nd Thursday of each new lesson.

The calls will be recorded and you can submit questions if you can’t attend live. 

Lesson 1-How you got here-Release date May 16th w/ call on May 26th

Lesson 2-Releasing the old, creating space for the new-Release date May 30th Call June 9th

Lesson 3-How do you want to feel? Feelings are messengers-Release date June 13th Call-June 23rd

Lesson 4-Creativity breeds Clarity and Clarity breeds creativity-Release date June 27th Call-July 7th

Lesson 5-Up your Vibes-your Energy-your vitality-your health-Release date July 11th Call-July 21st

Lesson 6-Freedom & Flow-Release date July 25th Call 6-Aug 11 Wrap up celebratory call-Pulling it all together

Looking forward to loving you all up and laughing often at camp. You are amazing. You are love. You deserve to believe that you can have whatever you desire. It’s time for you to own your awesome.

Sending you love and light,  Lisbeth Overton, NurseBoss and HealthyNursebyDesign Feel free to reach me if you have questions. Ph:-347-76NURSE  [347-766-8773]


Time commitment: approximately 2.5 hours/week

Investment: 2 payments of $239.50 or 3 payments of $159.67. First payment due by May 20th.

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