Nurses are Self-Governing for Great Care in the Netherlands!

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What started w/ just 12 nurses in 2007, Buurtzorg has grown to 8,000 nurses & has almost completely... Click To Tweet

Do you know about Buurtzorg? It is a community nursing service in the Netherlands! What started with just 12 nurses in 2007, Buurtzorg has grown to 8,000 nurses and has almost completely replaced the old system of care. I bet Home Health Nurses will find this especially exciting and there is inherent encouragement for the future of all nursing and healthcare.

Buurtzorg has taJos-de-Blok-2-372x350ken a radically different approach, reflecting the vision of its CEO and cofounder,  Jos de Blok, an experienced home-care nurse with management training. The goals of the model are to bring a holistic, neighborhood-based approach to the provision of services; maximize patients’ independence through training in self-care and creation of networks of neighborhood resources; and rely on the professionalism of nurses. One of de Blok’s oft-stated mottos is “humanity over bureaucracy.”  (Check out his 25 min Youtube:  Organisation without Management)

Here’s an article with challenges, critiques, outcomes, and process and there a few more via google search!

Home Care by Self-Governing Nursing Teams: The Netherlands’ Buurtzorg Model

by Bradford H. Gray, Dana O. Sarnak, and Jako S. Burgers

In my opinion, skilled nurses who are great communicators and team-players and who are supported by collaborative leadership are ready for creating all sorts of new healthcare entities.  If you are working on something like this, let me know.  We can publish your story!  And if you want help getting ready and are open to using medical improv to become great communicators etc, let me know.  I’ll love teaching you!

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