Launch into the Wonderland of Medical Improv with this Podcast Interview!

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I was honored to be interviewed on “Morning Moments with Maia“!  We had a super conversation and took a deeper dive into what medical improv is all about and why it is so important to communication, collaboration, and culture!

Check it out or read more below!


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If you are getting more curious about the emerging field of “Medical Improv” you will enjoy this interview I had with Maia Aziz, pediatric rehabilitation manager, writer, radio host and  president-elect of the Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor.  She hosts a weekly radio show with a theme of casual, thought-provoking conversations with people who are out there “Pushing the Positive”!

I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on Maia's deep-dive questions! about medical improv! Click To Tweet

  • What is medical improv and how is it different from improv comedy.
  • How did you get exposed to improv and integrate it with your nursing career?
  • Why is assertiveness so important in the healthcare setting?
  • What is it about workplace cultures in healthcare that does not allow assertiveness to exist?
  • How do we change toxic or unhealthy cultures?
  • Can you give an example of medical improv that would help them develop their communication and other ‘soft’ skills?
  • What’s your experience been in introducing medical improv to healthcare leaders?
  • How do you help participants even they are stressed, frustrated,  feel comfortable and safe in workshops?
  • What is ‘status conflict’ and how is medical improv helpful?Improvoscopy logo draft NO words
  • What is this “Improvoscopy” thing you are working on?

If you have a chance to listen, I’d love your feedback and always appreciate it if/when you share links.


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4 Responses to Launch into the Wonderland of Medical Improv with this Podcast Interview!

  1. My oh my, you are on fire! Certainly getting out there with your message and supportive ways to help in the healthcare world. Great work, Beth!! I love it.

  2. Beth, medical improve is an important skill set to improve communication and teamwork not only with colleagues but also with patient’s and families. In one of my classes we spent hours role playing different communication strategies with patient’s under different scenarios. It was actually really fun and a great way to see what medical scenarios we needed to be prepared for. We did not have a label to what we were doing but now looking back, it looks like we were doing medical improve?

    • You were, Cynthia!!!! I love how you bridged the role playing with colleagues and patients and families!!! It is a new frontier in some ways and yet applied improv (a more generic approach to using improv in business) and improv itself have been around for years. There are all sorts of different ways to use the philosophies, activities, and teaching strategies from theatre to help us and I’d love to hear more about your workshop.

What are your thoughts?