How Some Insurance Companies Treat Our Mental Health Professionals-NOT OKAY!

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therapist phoneIf you’ve ever dealt with Comcast you know what those automated phone systems (APS) are like. One-way communication is an oxymoron and I’m sure my blood pressure goes up whenever I have to deal with one.

So my heart goes out to the many conscientious psychotherapists who face mounds of paperwork, varied, unclear, dwindling, and ever-changing protocols for reimbursement, and the dreaded APS!  Dealing with all of this seems so counterproductive to providing skilled and compassionate mental health service to people who need it!  I’m sure it must be wearing on therapists!

Listen to KQED Mental Health Journalist, April Dembrosky’s  story in 5 Min Radio interview  or read it!  (The APS part is at about 2min and 40 seconds! UGH)


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