DecisionHealth to Host Leading Edge Improv Session at Patient Advocacy Conference!

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Never before has there been so much public awareness about the expanding role of patient advocates. The Affordable Care Act and MACRA have dramatically changed the relationship between practitioners and patients. New federal regulations empowerDecisionHealth – Financial health for healthcarepatients to be active partners in their care by encouraging more education and involvement in selecting health care options that are the best fit!

I’m extremely excited to promote the cutting edge applied medical improv session developed by Medical Improv Practitioners and Nurse Colleagues, Stephanie Frederick, M.Ed, RN and Liz Barta, RN, BSN, CHES!

Here’s an excerpt from their workshop description:

Applied Improv for Health and Well-Being

Medical Improv is not about “comedy,” although the spontaneous, honest interactions naturally lead to fun, “serious play.” Improvisational Theater is performed by actors on stage for the purpose of entertainment. Medical Improv exercises are practiced by health professionals for the purpose of empathizing and caring for each other.

This workshop will focus on the skills of listening, observation, adaptation, and cooperation. By continuing to practice these skills, we identify the organizational barriers preventing healthy communication and collaboration. As we learn to support and care for each other, we can then turn our focus to the patients we serve.

waveGet the full scoop here! and join this positive wave of using medical improv to build essential skills and improve critical outcomes!

There is lot’s of other great stuff going on too, so check out the AGENDA!

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One Response to DecisionHealth to Host Leading Edge Improv Session at Patient Advocacy Conference!

  1. Thank you for your support, Beth! Such a pleasure to continue our collaboration since the first Medical Improv class together! This workshop is a full day at the Patient Advocate conference, and a great opportunity to do “training” for the participants to take away applicable skills to use in their professional work.

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