How Being a Virtual Assistant Helped me in My Nursing Career

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By Amelia Roberts BSN, RN

There are many reasons that I decided to become a Nurse. There is the obvious
reason, my Mom is a Nurse and she would pay for my education if I went to Nursing School.  As well as the not so obvious reason, because I was a Virtual Assistant (VA). 

When my Mom told me about her stories from “The Floor”,  those stories frankly sacred me to death!  Truth be told, they still do. In any case,  I was nurse doctors rushing convinced I could never be a great nurse like her.  I simply did not know all of the answers to the various complex scenarios she described. Yet, my role as a VA made me realize, that maybe, possibly,  I could!

Here is why!

As a VA,  I quickly learned, that you do not have to have all of the answers to be awesome at your job.  To be successful in this role you simply have to either find the answers quickly (Social Media and Google were EARLY friends) OR know how to quickly find the people who DID have the answers. Making quick connections between problems and solutions became a frequently used skill!

After a few years in the VA role, my mother and I had the, “Soooooooo what are you going to do with your life” conversation. Once I considered the options, it was my work experience that helped me to make a the choice of going to nursing school.  While I was still scared of what would be expected of me, thanks to being a VA,  I knew that I did not have to do it all on my own. 

As soon as I started Nursing School I “set up my office”.

For me this meant that included finding like-minded people who knew more than me, both inside my school and more importantly outside of my school. It meant gathering various resources that would be at my fingertips  When I started my first nursing job, I did the same thing, I made sure there was a system of support both inside as well as outside of the hospital where I worked. OneNote, Evernote and other Apps held vital Non-Patient related information right by my side. With each new nursing job, committee  position, and job transfer, I used the same standard of procedure.

Years later my VA skills still play a role in my daily life. When it comes to planning a workshop, conference, or developing a PowerPoint, I can do  these tasks quickly. I love helping others care for these tasks more efficiently!  In addition to being a Care Coordinator and solving problems virtually and telephonically (I really can’t get away from my VA roots),  I know teach others how to use Systems in their Professional life.

Being able to support other Nurses is part of why I started Solutions by Amelia.

 The RNFM radio show team encouraged me to think about what I like to do that I would do for free in this episode.

I consider Processes,  Systems and Tools as being inanimate “Friends”  because they have been SO helpful!! I thoroughly enjoy showing others how they too can implement Systems that will create time. My current passion is showing others how  to leverage Social Media to enhance their Professional Development, speak to their value and demonstrate their knowledge with the goal of growing their own tribe of supporters.

Author Bio

organgetopbrownnecklaceAmelia Roberts BSN RN is a Registered Nurse and a Social Media Coach. After being a long time consumer of Social Media, Amelia started helping others to use this medium more effectively. She works to make sure that the messages of Healthcare Professionals reach their target audience. Amelia is passionate about ensuring Professionals stay relevant in a rapidly changing Healthcare landscape.

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18 Responses to How Being a Virtual Assistant Helped me in My Nursing Career

  1. We ALL have stories about what we did before Nursing, thank you for asking me to share mine. Beth, you are the BEST!


  2. Right on!

    My VA would make a great nurse, but I’d be lost without her.

  3. Great example of the many wonderful things that nurses do! I love the complementary nature of these roles. We need more than just our nursing skillset to excel in the nursing profession. Taking other experiences from outside of nursing and applying them… what a great fit! Love the innovation. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. Me too. I love the complimentary nature of Amelia’s expertise too and thought, WOW what a great combo to bring into the field and help nurses who may not have the sense of ease and efficiency in using technology that is possible!!!!

  4. Love this post… I was a waitress for many years (like you Beth Boynton) and I’m thankful for those experiences (handling stress, multi-tasking, organization skills, developing people skills and “playing well with others!” All helped me be a better nurse.
    Being a VA wasn’t available back in my day, but I will recommend after reading this!

    • Thanks, Donna!! You added some great skills to the waitress and nurse list! Multi-tasking and people skills are so essential!!! Isn’t it fun to see the younger generation bring their expertise forward? I love the potential for collaboration with Amelia’s work! I can see her helping a seasoned nurse get more comfortable with using social media and that nurse maybe helping Amelia navigate an unfamiliar clinical situation….Warms my heart!

      • Funny you say that. It was a Seasoned Nurse that made me realize how much I LOVED teaching! She was SUCH an amazing preceptor. I lept at any and ALL opportunties to share Systems tips and tricks. But in typical Nurse manner, I did not think anything of it until the guys RNFM radio pointed out the obvious…they asked me what would I do for free…and whatever that “thing” is, pursue that as a potential Business Idea:

  5. Sam says:

    It’s amazing how technology and networking can help in these situations. As someone who started out in business management before deciding to take the nursing school route, I clung to my customer service roots and thankfully, it paid off. Thank you so much for reminding me to think outside of the box!

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