Cambridge, MA Nurse is Leaving the Carbon Economy!

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Susan Farist Sue-B-and-OriosButler, RN, MSN, CS, PhD has a great short film about her process for making her home energy efficient.  Soft-spoken and passionate about healing the planet, her 15 min video will leave you inspired and informed.  (It is 0.99 cents on Amazon).

The trailer is fun and I can’t help but smile at the picture of her standing on her roof with  photovoltaic cells and her message:

Leaving the Carbon Economy:  One person’s not going to do it alone…

And yet, there she is!

The video is worth the small expense as she shares her thinking and decision making process as she re-engineers her life and her house to get her carbon footprint as close to zero or below as possible.  She is getting close, and may even in the end, make extra electricity, and sell it to the grid, thereby going carbon negative.  Come see what the possibilities are.

Are nurses amazing or what?

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