Do REAL Nurse Authors Wear Scrubs?

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photo-on-9-10-16-at-5-37-pm-2The answer is “YES”!  I find scrubs to be very comfortable and after over 25 years in direct care feel like I’ve earned the right to wear them!

In fact, one of my dreams is to go around the country teaching Medical Improv in my scrubs!

Recently, I was invited to try out a new line of scrubs from Barco Uniforms called Barco One, which I am wearing in these pictures. They feel different from my 100% cotton ones and I think give me a little more professional appearance.  Even the white long-sleeve T-shirt is part of the trial and light and flexible.  I would especially like this in a cool office or during the winter months.

Overall, I’d say sizes run a hair small.  This could be because I like loose clothing, but worth keeping in mind when ordering online.  The pants have a little elasticity to the fit and no wrinkles.  I can move in them IF I want!  When I first put on the pants I actually thought they’d be fun to dance in!

photo-on-9-10-16-at-5-37-pmHere I am walking nonchalantly to my desk.

photo-on-9-10-16-at-5-38-pmAnd here’s one where I suddenly have a great idea and am getting ready to run to my desk!

Thanks for the opportunity to try out Barco One scrubs.  I like them!

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