Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab (PILL) Launched!

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Recently, I facilitated the first ever PILL in the lovely seacoast town of Portsmouth, NH!  It is a fun name don’t you think?  Ten friends and colleagues came together to discover, play, connect, and learn how improv activities can help us develop ‘soft skills’!  It was fantastic!  Teachers (elementary, undergrad and graduate levels), psychologists, a nurse, reiki master, yoga instructor, mindfulness trainer, author and bully prevention specialist, mom, and others gathered to discover, play, connect and learn!  This was a two hour session and 3 more are scheduled with the same group.

It is a pilot that can be adapted for many groups wishing to improve communication, engage and empower others, and much more!  (Let me know if you’d like to discuss possibilities!)

9 sessions later and here are testimonials!

PILL dovetails with the Improvoscopy project!

Improvoscopy logo draft NO wordsRemember the Improvoscopy:  Serious Play for Safe Care crowdsource funding project from last Winter?  We raised over $2,000 dollars to help build a website that would have teaching materials with the same idea.  While not enough for the entire project right away, this money is helping to fund both of the above projects which ultimately feed into the same concept of using improv to provide safer care, create healthier workplaces, and decrease burnout among healthcare professionals.  The people participating in PILL will become part of a pool of talent who will be invited to participate in a workshop where teaching and playing fundamental activities is filmed!  This will provide video bites to help others teach fundamentals!  And THIS project will dovetail with another project that I’ll tell you more about next month!


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2 Responses to Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab (PILL) Launched!

  1. Anonymous says:

    a little out of my comfort zone, but thats why i would like to try this. When are session ?

    • Sorry for my late reply.

      Will be scheduling sessions for end of April and beginning of May….and congrats for considering trying something new and different. Most people have a little discomfort at first, but not long. Check out FB page: Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab (PILL) too.

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