Calling Upon Our Electors to Stop Trump!

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I’m a collaborative person and when people tell me to “Give President Elect Trump a chance”,  I’m inclined to.  And signing a petition to stop him seems like I am standing in the way of our electoral process and not respecting those who voted for him.

But this is different.

Very different.

Mr. Trump has given us much evidence that he is an abusive man!  Giving him a chance means empowering a bully.  When people with bullying behaviors have power, they are likely to continue to be abusive. It is how they are in the world. They dominate and oppress others.  We see this in healthcare every day. And we know how harmful it can be!  What ever issue predominates for you in our current world, please consider how this kind of person will influence it.

I can’t in good conscience “give him a chance”  especially if there is an honest and fair way to stop him!

And there is! Petition the Electoral College!

The Electoral College has a duty of oversight that includes a safeguard for the kind of situation we are in right now i.e.  one candidate, Trump who won the Electoral Vote and the other, Clinton who won the Popular Vote.  In talking with colleagues and reviewing FAQ about the Electoral College and Huffington Post article by Ani DiFranco I feel like I understand this duty better.

The Electoral College can use their constitutional power to make Hillary Clinton President andscreen-shot-2016-11-21-at-5-17-38-pm I urge them to prevent an abusive man from becoming President of the United States of America.  I joined over 4.5 million others in signing the petition and hope you will consider doing so.


P.S. Here’s another hot off the press article from The Atlantic:  The Electoral College was Meant to Stop Men Like Trump from Being President.


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