Amy Goodman Interviews Bernie Sanders: Inspiring, Motivating, & Authentic!

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if-ever-there-was-a-moment-in-american-history-where-it-is-imperative-that-the-electoral-college-fulfill-its-duty-of-oversight-this-is-it-ani-difranco-4If you, like me, have been sad, mad, worried since the election and trying to figure out who to believe in and what to do, I think you’ll like this video.  Democracy Now, Amy Goodman interview w/ Bernie Sanders (starts 12 minutes in)

Inspiring, motivating, authentic! Best thing I’ve heard since 11/9/2016

I volunteered to do some PR via this blog and as you can see put up an ad for Democracy Now that will show up on every page.  If you are interested in writing for Confident Voices to speak up for healthcare, the planet, women’s health and reproductive rights, Standing Rock and related issues, please write to me at

imagesThat's where we are now and that's exactly what we have to do!--Bernie Sanders 11/29/16 Click To Tweet

Where we are now IS in a difficult moment.  I don’t want to minimize the difficulties facing us, but throughout history serious people HAVE FOUGHT BACK. That’s where we are now and that’s exactly what we have to do!Bernie Sanders 11/29/16

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