Two Ways to Contact the Electors-One is Real Quick

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Hi All,

This spreadsheet has all email and mailing addresses for all Electors.

This web page allows you to email a message to all of them.

This is my message:

Dear Electors,

I am deeply concerned about Russia’s influence on our election.  It is beginning to look like there was a long term and deliberate attack on the Clinton campaign.  Please insist on a full investigation and disclosure before voting. 

Mr. Trump has repeatedly demonstrated bullying, bigotry, and misogynistic behaviors.  Mr. Putin idealizes these kinds of behaviors.  They represent the difference between a free world and a dictatorship.  Please do not let Mr. Trump come to power.  He has already shown us that he will abuse it.  

Please consider these concerns and the popular vote as you cast yours.

Thank you for listening to my concerns.

Good luck and God speed,

Beth Boynton

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