New Workshop: The Art & Science of Speaking Up!

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BB closer Headshot3:6:2015All voices are important to cultures of safety in teams, families, organizations, and societies.  And experiential activities from improv are an incredibly fun and powerful way to learn!

Speaking up is more important than ever and practicing it in a world that seems to be getting more aggressive is not going to be easy. Understanding some of the neuroscience and creating practice opportunities are important, but where can you find a workshop that offers both?

My friend and improv colleague, Rick Watts and I have created a new workshop called The Art & Science of Speaking UP.  We are very excited about it!

It is part of a new 15135896_1746485868948136_7726663832386802186_nbusiness venture called Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab-PILL that is growing roots!  (That’s Rick in the middle of Robin and William.  We’re playing an activity called “Mind Reader”!)

We’re launching the Art & Science of Speaking Up as a 4 two-hour-session course in January 2017 in Portsmouth, NH.  We’d love to have you enroll.  (You can save on the Early Bird rate until 1/10/2017.  There are only 12 spaces so don’t wait too long!

Contact: or 603-205-3509! (Website in the works)

Learn more/Register

Check us out on Facebook!

If you’d like to discuss offering it in your community as a 1-day event for your staff, we’re happy to brainstorm with you!

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