How Exciting is This? A Medical Improv Workshop at Rutgers!

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Introducing Medical Improv: A New Experiential Method for Improving Communication, Collaboration, & Leadership!

Last December, I had the honor, along with rutgers-medical-improv-teamsecond-year medical students, Peter Rezkalla and Jessica Tu, to present a Medical Improv workshop sponsored by the Department of Psychiatry at Rutgers Medical School! About 35 faculty members, medical and nursing students, and staff attended. Following a brief powerpoint, we facilitated 4 activities designed to build essential skills.

Here we are with a statue of Hippocrates and big smiles just after our session!

Improvoscopy logo draft NO wordsIt is so cutting edge!

So effective!

So fun!


Medical Improv: A New Method for Improving Communication, Collaboration, & Leadership! Click To TweetI loved working with these two medical students to pioneer some Medical Improv at this well-respected school.   I hope they’ll share their path in creating a pilot course for medical students in a future post! Medical Improv is definitely on the rise! Keep your eyes out for my new book:

Medical Improv:  A New Way to Improve Communication & 15 Activities You Can Teach STAT!  scheduled for publication this winter!

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