Sneak Peek! Preliminary Feedback @ Medical Improv Book for Nurse Educators

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Coming soon….Medical Improv:  A New Way to Improve Communication  (With 15 Activities You Can Teach STAT!)

Kelly Wise, MSN, RN-BC a Nurse Educator at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL has given a “thumbs up” review of my new book scheduled for release in the Spring of 2017!  She reviewed a draft a couple of months ago and her input was invaluable.

Kelly was able to use a draft of the manuscript to help prepare a workshop for her staff that included Medical Improv.  She had never done improv, let alone taught any activities. But, she did it! And the evaluations were super!

--The experience turned out to be an overwhelming success--Kelly Wise, MSN, RN-BC, Mayo Clinic Click To Tweet

Here’s her review in full:

“As a Clinical Nurse Educator, I was planning education to bring licensed nurses and unlicensed assistive personnel together to learn about healthy work environments and address issues of communication and trust on a busy hospital unit.  It was through Beth’s “Interruption Awareness” video that I serendipitously found her and her extensive work with Medical Improv. After learning more about Beth’s work and publications, I contacted her to share the idea I had and get her expertise and feedback, which she graciously and without hesitation, provided.

Out of our exchange and the golden content of this manuscript, I was able to design and implement a two-hour session where I used Medical Improv exercises to bring together nurses and their assistants to get to know each other better (“I Am”), recognize the difference and practice affirmative and disaffirming conversations (“Yes, and…, Yes, but…”), and increase awareness of the impact of interruptions in our high-stakes, high-pressure work environment (“Overload”). The experience turned out to be an overwhelming success, for both me as a teacher and the learners, as evidenced by evaluative feedback statements such as;

  • Most relevant core day that may actually improve morale on the floor.  
  • Improv was fun. Helped with communication.
  • I think nurses/techs will communicate better. 

Thank you Beth!”

–Kelly Wise, MSN, RN-BC, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida

Kelly provided feedback that helped make it a much better resource too, btw!  (Thank YOU, Kelly!) Are you a Nurse Educator or Healthcare Leader?  Do you believe that building ‘soft’ skills and positive relationships can improve patient safety, patient experience, workforce health and the bottom line?  I do!

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