Scrub Shopper Gives Back

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by Alyson McNaghten

The holidays are over. String lights and ornaments are packed away, the Salvation Army has stopped ringing its bells and the ball has dropped in Times Square. February is just beginning, and by now most of the world has moved on from the holidays and is getting on with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But there’s one important thing about the holidays that we should remember that we can keep on doing: giving.

For the rest of February 2017,  Scrub Shopper is working with a few charitable organizations to do just that. We’ll be offering purchase-based donations to a few organizations that are committed to making a difference in the medical world—namely

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • The Abandoned Pet Project
  • The Greta James Scholarship Foundation.
  • Susan G Komen

One dollar from each order placed at will be donated to one of these organizations, chosen by each individual customer.

We think this project is important because it can be far too easy to forget about giving when the commonly celebrated “season of giving” has come to a close. As a company that caters primarily to the nursing and medical community, we want to do our part to help give back to that community.

Author Bio:  Alyson is the lead blogger at Scrub Shopper. Her aim is to help nurses find inspiration and joy in the mundane tasks of their daily lives and to bring laughter in the midst of chaos.

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