Yes, Mr. President. Healthcare is Extremely Complicated! This is NOT news!

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POTUS is now saying, “Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.” This is one example of why he’s so dangerous. Spouting off about how he’s going to fix something that he doesn’t fully understand. (Like the climate, homeland security, immigration, and on and on and on.)

Yes, Mr. President, healthcare is extraordinarily complicated and this is not news of any sort. Click To Tweet

He had no right to claim he would fix something that he didn’t and doesn’t understand. People believed and trusted him. Hillary tried to explain why improving ACA would make more sense, but no…he kept shouting and tweeting sound bites…about the messes HE would fix.

I won’t listen to Mr. Trump tonight….I  will read/watch reputable journalists to stay informed as best I can.

At this point, I turn off the radio or other media anytime I hear his voice. Click To Tweet

And this is a good example of why. He is not worth listening to.


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