One Wise Nurse is on a NEWS Diet!

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by Florence Ditlow

I wrote a blog on Goodreads prior to the election, to address stress caused by the news media in America. I’m sure we had had a news overdose.

OCTOBER 3, 2016

I continue to endure the pre-election build up, in which the concerns of the population are often manipulated by the media. I’ve largely stayed on a news diet, excepting the political convention coverage via internet, and the first presidential debate. I have no television or cell phone, using my computer. Freedom from these devices gives me less stress and more clarity.

Instead of news static, punditry and especially uncivil combatants in the media, I looked into the history and use of satire. This brings me back to humor; indispensable as a way to relieve myself of usual daily stress which has been increasingly compounded by graphic visual images of negative news reports. Political satire affects me like a tonic, thanks to our current choice of nightly comedians.

Through satire, we the people may criticize political behaviors by poking fun at people who are in charge, yet be entertained and actually normalize the blood pressure. I agree with who ever said humor leaves us on a more level playing field with opponents- even the U.S. congress!

I enjoy having my candidate roasted! I appreciate comedic perspective, and feel less serious as the masses grapple with an unprecedented campaign in which Steven Colbert in “Road to the White House,” described one candidate as a Wizard of Oz with smoke and fire and the other a seeker like Dorothy, trying to go where no woman’s gone before (except her role as the first lady, NY senator and Secretary of State). See video:

My review of Alison Dagnes’ “A Conservative Walks into a Bar” is here:… and on


My news diet went into starvation mode after the election; still my friends gave me weekly feedings. Intuition advised me to keep starvation going and did I catch up on my book reading! My friends finally respected the news diet, which now amounts to one newspaper, Late Night with Steven Colbert and Saturday Night Live. My mind has lightened up, like a woman who’s dropped a dress size.

Florence Ditlow, Author of The Bakery Girls retired from nursing profession to write books as well as discover new ways to share humor. She lives in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. She also is currently amusing herself by concocting herbal medicine and teas.

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