Third Door #4-Difficult Doctor Keeps Yelling at Me!

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Originally published on 2/15/17

Dear Beth,

I am a staff nurse on a med/surg floor. I’m trying to develop assertiveness and am hoping you will have some ideas for this situation. There is one physician who is very difficult to deal with; she tends to mumble sometimes and yell at other times. 

This doctor has yelled at me a number of times during phone conversations and sometimes in person. I feel shaken after such interactions and it makes an already stressful job even more stressful. I dread taking care of her patients because I don’t want to deal with her. I’m not the only one, either; we all cringe when we hear her voice on the unit. 

One recent example was when she was giving me orders over the phone for a new IV antibiotic for a patient, and I couldn’t tell whether she was saying “clarithromycin” or “erythromycin”.  I asked her to repeat it once but I still wasn’t sure. When I repeated the wrong order back to her, she yelled at me and accused me of not paying attention.  

She and I have both worked in the same area for several years, and I wish things were less stressful and more collaborative between us. Any suggestions?


Wishing for Respectful Collaboration

What would you do in this situation?  

Read my answer here!

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