“White Helmets” is more than an Oscar-winning Documentary

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I was so moved by watching “White Helmets” I wanted to share a brief review with you.  When I think of Syria, which I know so little about really, I will now think of men with tears on their face and cement dust in their hair and on their uniforms. Men slashing through bomb-related rubble in Aleppo and other cities to rescue ANYONE who needs help.  They are volunteers.  They face life and death every day.  Russian airstrikes are relentless. They are the best of humankind.

The movie goes back and forth from rescue footage to interviews with several volunteers.  They are soft-spoken, committed, loving men.  I think that maybe that is what I enjoyed seeing most.

When I want to save someone’s life I don’t care if he’s an enemy or a friend. What concerns me is the soul that might die!– ABED, THE WHITE HELMETS

It is a little over 35 min and available on Netflix Instant Watch and probably other places.

Don’t miss it.  Here’s a trailer: https://www.whitehelmets.org/en

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