What Nurses are Saying re: Trump’s American Health Care Act

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Most nurses and doctors I know want to provide care not play games with insurance companies!

The American Nurse Association (ANA) is speaking out about the latest political healthcare policy, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) provided by the Trump administration.  In a statement released 3/8/17; the ANA reports that the AHCA, “…as a whole does NOT ensure that the U.S. health care system meets American Nurse Association’s (ANA) core principles”!

In short,

  • The AHCA plan does NOT ensure: “…universal access to a standard package of essential health benefits for all citizens and residents.”
  • The AHCA plan does NOT ensure: “…utilization of primary, community-based and preventative services while supporting the cost-effective use of innovative, technology-driven, acute, hospital-based services.”
  • The AHCA plan does NOT ensure: “…the economical use of health care services with support for those who do not have the means to share in costs.”
  • The AHCA plan does NOT ensure: “…a sufficient supply of a skilled workforce dedicated to providing high quality health care services.”

Details about the ANA position are here.

In my opinion, as an RN w/ over 30 years experience, we need to build a Single Payer system where the priority IS on providing care! Not making money.  Not fighting with insurance companies for coverage.  Not wading through the fine print in a slick partisan policy book.  Not playing games with people’s lives.

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