“Kindness”, by Dr. Mike Grossman! Lots of helpful wisdom in this nurse leader’s book!

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“Kindness” is a ten chapter book that is rich with stories, exercises, inspiring quotes, philosophy, some wonderful poems, and supportive research!  There is a great bibliography too!

I believe that Dr. Grossman’s work can speak to us about kindness on many levels. As nurses, humans, and leaders and with our many perspectives individually, socially, and organizationally.  Especially, in today’s politically polarized climate, where many feel disconnected, afraid, and mistrusting, this book has much needed and healing messages.

I suspect that different readers will find each of these of different value and that the author is providing a little something for everyone.  I especially enjoyed some of Mike’s philosophical discussions about the meaning of life and how kindness fits in, his stories weaving in his nursing work and lessons, and his reverential references to Mother Theresa and Ram Dass.

The author is committed to humanity and his mission to spread kindness is clear! The book helps us to discover the joy in it, the challenges we might face in doing so, the importance of being kind to ourselves and much more.  There’s even a chapter called “The Secret World of Men Choosing Kindness”!

I enjoyed reading and learning “Kindness” and encourage others to check it out.



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